CUSucceed and NCharge Network are Now Claim Your Youth
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 11:10 AM


Claim Your Youth CULTURE proudly announces a fresh face for our teen education and empowerment programs formerly known as CU Succeed and NCharge Network. These two great programs have merged to create the new and exciting Claim Your Youth marketing and education program just for teens.

The new Claim Your Youth program allows both you and your teen members to do just that, “claim your youth.” For the credit union, Claim Your Youth is an excellent marketing tool designed to reach out to teen members and educate them on the great products and services offered by credit unions, encourage them to maintain their membership, and push them toward becoming financially fit adult members. For the teen, the program includes a fine mix of “by the book” financial education and analysis of the larger financial world through pop culture and business references that are current and relevant to them.

This teen program is unique to Claim Your Youth CULTURE; there is no other program that offers the great mix of information, entertainment, and resources available in Claim Your Youth.

This is just another step in Claim Your Youth CULTURE’s mission to bring the community back to the credit union and the financial culture back to the community.