Our Members Putting Their Communities First
Thursday, August 28, 2014 6:00 AM

Pam Swope and the team at Financial Edge Community Credit Union in Bay City, MI have been hard at work for their community.

Financial Edge Community Credit Union looked for a way to help out, and they found the local women’s shelter. The women who come to the shelter with their children are now greeted with a welcome pack containing kid essentials like games, movies, crafts, snacks, and toys to hug. These packs proudly show our friend Kirby Kangaroo who gives the kids a buddy during their transition.

Not only are Pam and her team making a difference to local families and kids, they are also showing that Financial Edge Community Credit Union really does put their community first.

We want to thank Pam and her team for sharing their story and for working so hard to help kids and families start fresh and build a foundation with their local credit union.

Have you incorporated the Claim Your Youth family into an event? Would you like to but don’t know how to get started? Let us know what you did or if there is any way we can help.