Annual Membership Fees
Annual Membership Fees

About Claim Your Youth Culture
We cater to all of your young credit union members and their families with age-appropriate services. Our programs help you grow and maintain a continuous, lifelong relationship with your members.

Claim Your Youth
As your teen members get ready to go to college, buy cars, or get their first apartments, our Claim Your Youth program will empower you to help them make good decisions about managing their money with your credit union.

Kirby Kangaroo Club
The Kirby Kangaroo Club offers engagement tools for kids up to 12 years old. Club members can win prizes as they learn about saving and managing money through examples they’ll understand. Parents get helpful tips, family activity ideas, and opportunities to teach their kids about financial responsibility.


Family Roo
Family Roo helps the families of Kirby Kangaroo youngsters and Claim Your Youth pre-teens and teens. While our other youth programs connect directly with your young credit union members, Family Roo is dedicated to guiding parents, grandparents, and other relatives who are trying to provide a better future for the children in their family.