Why Focus on Youth?
Thursday, March 13, 2014 11:00 AM

Every credit union needs to reach out to all their members young and old. Claim Your Youth CULTURE brings you the programs you need to reach young children, teens, and their parents. Each program offers a vast array of financial based content, fun games and activities, and news.

Most credit unions know that they should be doing something to attract young members, but many still ask: “What are the benefits of a credit union youth program?”

The simple answer is that today’s youth are tomorrow’s adult members. If credit unions fail to market to the next generation now, their future borrowing and spending may be lost to competitors. However, there are also tangible benefits that may be realized by your credit union in the short term:

Did you know that, in most cases, adult members use three or more credit union services when their children are enrolled in a youth savings club? – The typical member uses only two.

Did you know that credit unions offering youth clubs have a higher percentage of young members (more than 9% of their membership)? – Those credit unions that don’t typically have less than 6%.

Here at Claim Your Youth CULTURE, we have developed a strategy to aid you in ensuring the future success of your credit union. We proudly market the Lil’ Kirby Roo parent education and engagement program, the Claim Your Youth teen financial literacy forum, and the Kirby Kangaroo Club kid introduction to all things financial. These innovative products will help you engage your members at all age levels, and entice them to maintain a life-long relationship with you, their credit union.