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Kirby Kangaroo Club

Where kids have fun & learn about savings
Kirby Kangaroo Club is a youth marketing and education program designed for children ages 5-12 that not only establishes a life-long relationship between them and your credit union, but also educates and engages these young members in healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime. Kids can follow along as Kirby lives and learns some valuable life, finance, and responsibility lessons in situations that are familiar to them. Then, they can answer questions, play games, and learn key terms that reinforce the lessons in the stories.  MORE...

Claim Your Youth

Financial Education for Teens
Claim Your Youth is a teen specific marketing program that is designed for young members aged 13-18. The program establishes and maintains a relationship with future adult members and helps them solidify their financial independence. Claim Your Youth is designed to answer common finance questions that hinder teens’ ability to take control of their finances, using topics and content that is relevant to them. Claim Your Youth helps teens work through one of the most challenging periods of financial literacy development and, in doing so, puts your credit union at the front of the line for their future business. MORE...