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Family Roo Financial News

Family Roo Financial News, formerly known as Lil Kirby Roo, is specifically targeted at parents. Family Roo is the companion site for the Claim Your Youth teen site and the Kirby Kangaroo Club child site. The site has current, continuously updated content for adults to not only, make them more financially informed, but also, give them, as parents, the tools they need to engage even the littlest Roo in finance related topics.

Program Benefits

Family Roo Financial News is a unique program that offers a place where information and resources for adults and parents are aggregated to create a complete and cohesive picture of how the worlds of finance and family come together. The program encourages parents to get their children involved in credit union programs at a young age and can help solidify both of their relationships with your credit union. We help you serve the traditional older members in your community, and those searching for help in educating their children or grandchildren in healthy financial habits. Family Roo is designed to educate and empower credit union members from young adulthood to retirement.

The program includes:

1. Continuously updated website with:

  • Credible financial literacy information specifically written for adult credit union members
  • Game and activity recommendations for kids to encourage parents to make financial education a part of their daily lives
  • Tips for parents on how to put that financial education to use for themselves and with their children
  • Resources and calculators to make big financial decisions a little easier

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2. Access to the Claim Your Youth CULTURE marketing team, which designs and produces:

  • Promotional materials and marketing strategy for you
  • Quarterly newsletters with relevant articles for Family Roo members

These program benefits work in tandem with those of the Claim Your Youth teen program and the Kirby Kangaroo Club kids program to create a complete package for adult members and parents so that they can make healthy financial habits a reality.

It’s time to bring home a culture of financial education, and it starts with you!


Newsletters are an important part of the Family Roo program because they provide you with a reliable means of staying in touch with parents and families on a regular basis. Parents will appreciate the fact that your credit union is helping them prepare to teach their children about money.

Making use of both the Family Roo newsletters and the website is the most effective way to conduct your program. This is because each program reinforces the other. We recommend using all aspects of the program (and especially newsletters) to achieve maximum effectiveness.

How do Family Roo newsletters work? It’s simple. Each quarter we put together a topnotch newsletter for you. You purchase as many newsletters as you need (at very low prices). We print the newsletters, ship them to you, and you mail them to club members as your own.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how this process works each quarter:

  • Early in the quarter, we research, develop, and design a high-quality Lil' Kirby Roo newsletter for the upcoming quarter. In essence, we act as your youth marketing staff and develop the entire newsletter for you.
  • About mid-way through the quarter, we notify you by e-mail that the newsletters are available for purchase and provide you with the ordering deadline and a PDF sample of the upcoming edition
  • You place your order for the quantity you need to send out to all members and a few extras to display in the lobby to attract new members.
  • During the ordering process, you may choose to personalize the newsletters with your credit union’s logo and return address imprinted on the mailing panel for a small extra charge.
  • If you have a special event coming up or other important news that you need to share with club members, you may also write your own article and have this imprinted on your newsletters for a small charge.
  • Once the order deadline has passed, we take all the orders we’ve received from all credit unions and have the newsletters printed in bulk (which is why we’re able to offer you volume-discount pricing even for orders of small quantities).
  • When the printing process is complete, your newsletters are shipped either to your attention at the credit union or directly to your mailing house (you decide during the order process where you’d like them shipped). The newsletters generally arrive 10-14 days prior to the end of the quarter, allowing you plenty of time to get them mailed out at the beginning of the following quarter.
  • You (or your mailing house) then mail the newsletters to club members. For all your club members know, you developed the newsletters yourself. From their perspective, it’s your newsletter, just as if you’d done all the work yourself.
Bottom line: you get a highly polished, professional, entertaining, and educational newsletter to mail to club members each quarter for a very low cost and a minimal time investment.