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The Credit Union Association of New Mexico created Claim Your Youth Culture, a set of programs geared to help credit unions gain and retain new members. Each program is targeted toward a different demographic of parents, kids, and teens. These award-winning programs help build relationships with young people and their families through fun and education offerings, teaching the importance of good money management through their local credit union.


Family Roo Financial News

Financial Guide for Parents & Families

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Where kids have fun & learn about savings

Claim Your Youth

Financial Education for Teens


Financial Edge Community Credit Union looked for a way to help out, and they found the local women’s shelter. The women who come to the shelter with their children are now greeted with a welcome pack containing kid essentials like games, movies, crafts, snacks, and toys to hug. These packs proudly show our friend Kirby Kangaroo who gives the kids a buddy during their transition.

Director of Marketing & Compliance
FinancialEdge Community Credit Union

Gardiner Federal Credit Union is a proud user/supporter of the Kirby Kangaroo and Claim Your Youth programs. Both of these programs allow us to connect, inform and educate our youth community members on the importance of saving, spending and the benefits of having a credit union account.

Adam Caron
Marketing Specialist
Gardiner Federal Credit Union

We are using the Kirby and Lil Roo on our Sassy page. We are also using Kirby coloring pages in a coloring contest in our Loan Department to help entertain and education children they patiently wait for parents to accomplish business.

Nevada Walton
Community Coordinator
Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union